Archives for February 2011

Harbour wall poem

Four stone triangles inset into the wall on Kirkwall harbour have the words of an old poem carved into them.

Eating out in Orkney

To find some wonderful places to eat out in Orkney, visit our sister website

Expanding catch quota trial

World Fishing and Aquaculture reported this week that Scotland is expanding its catch quota trial in a bid to reduce discards.

Buying Fish in Orkney

Orkney Food Trail. A website dedicated to listing the shops and outlets in the Orkney Islands

Lobby to save coastguard stations

The Shetland Times reports that council leaders from Shetland, Orkney, the Western Isles and Highland will travel to London to put the case for closure-threatened stations in Lerwick and Stornoway.

China demands Scottish salmon

Governments of Scotland and China have devised a deal to allow unprecedented salmon exports to China.

New seal laws mixed response

An article published by Shetland Marine news on 31st January states that the new laws to protect seals in Scotland have met a mixed respose.

Orkney’s Seafood

The cool, clear waters of Orkney are teaming with life and Orcadians enjoy a diverse selection of seafood which is also prized in restaurants around the world.