Aquacuture Planning Streamline Bid

Combined efforts of the local authorities address aquaculture application and decision-making processes.

Shetland  Islands Council’s Planning Service has been working with Argyll and Bute, Western Isles, Orkney and Highland to streamline planning processes for aquaculture so that they match up with the existing land planning system.

This includes the introduction of online applications and a standardised application form that can be used Scotland-wide.

This is part of the Scottish Government’s initiative to Deliver Planning Reform for Aquaculture (DPRFA); representatives of the five local authorities which share aquaculture interests have met in Shetland to discuss the improvements.

DPRFA aims to fine tune the planning process to aid the sustainable economic growth of the salmon and mussel farming sectors.

The aquaculture industry and the Scottish Government have both acknowledged that the planning system in Scotland actively supports economic growth.

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