Orkney’s clear oceans are teaming with life and it comes as no surprise that fish and shellfish make up a huge part of the Orcadian diet.

Mull Head in August sunset

Cool, clear waters of Orkney breed the tastiest fish

Eat out in Orkney and you will find fresh fish and seafood always on the menu but the bounty of the Orkney seas is also in high demand in many of the World’s most prestigious restaurants.

Some of the finest London restaurants feature fish from Orkney.

The cool, clear waters ensure that lobsters, mussels and scallops grow slowly, building up great depth of flavour.

Although you will find the old favourites like haddock, herring and cod, you will also find the equally delicious wolf fish, witch and megrim.

Take it from me, wolf fish and chips is wonderful! Kirkwall hosts a local farmer’s market on the last Saturday of each month where you will find locally grown produce and bounty from the sea. However, take a drive along the coastal roads and you will see little signs pointing you to where you can buy direct from the fisherman.

There are many fine fishmongers, smokeries and places to eat in Orkney and we have created this website to feature all that the seas around Orkney have to offer.

We will bring you articles, news and features from the fishermen as well as some tasty recipe ideas and details of where you can buy your Orkney seafood and great places to eat.

If you have any ideas for articles, want to have your say or are indeed one of Orkney’s fishermen, then please get in touch with us…we would love to hear from you.